In 1989 we were contracted by Telstra to install 14k of Fibre Optic Cable through the Brisbane Waters, Central Coast. This work was undertaken by hand jetting and we knew that there must be an easier way. A dredging sled system to bury cable was developed by us and is now proven.

With this system we undertook the installation of 4 Fibre Optic Cables, each 10ks in length across Broken Bay, Palm Beach to Umina Beach. We achieved a bury rate of up to 14mtrs/min to a depth of 2mtrs beneath seabed in 18mtrs of water.
The most recent application of our system was used on cable installation from Brooklyn to Patonga in 2000. We used a lighter system and we achieved a depth of 1.2mtrs at speeds of up to 10mtrs/min.

Our proven track record in cable installation, system development etc. is well documented within the communication industry and this has become a specialty.